Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scenery at School.

I am now at the reading corner,
looking at the scenery,
nice and green,
people come and go,
And they know where they heading for,
I see a team of basketball players,
at the basketball courts,
training for a big games,

There are people,
sitting and watching,
talks and laugh,
There also a people,
studying for the next exam
wanting for a results,
with flying colours,
to makes the parents,
proud of them.

p.s: this is my first poem.if this poem is so bad please leave a comment so that i can improve myself next time.thank you.(haha bajet tol aq ni nak ckp english.)


amalyna said...

woohoo... btolla poem nih...
mcm penah bce je..

Arjuna Cinta said...

there r a few mistakkes in ur sentence..
but a nice try..
n keep up the gud job..

abang said...

could you point out her mistakes in there? what you should have corrected it if you believed she made errors in there. that way would help improvise her mistakes so that she will learn not to do it again in the future.

p.s: jangan mengada nak delete comment abang ni